The Tap Platform以太坊软件开发

The Tap Platform allows gamers to transfer your in-game currency from one game to the next! Convert in-game currency and score to Tapcoins ($TTT) using the Tap Platform. Built for Unity and Unreal Engine, the Tap Platform SDK allows gamers to also import TTT into games to buy upgrades

Play steam games? Convert your in-game Steam achievements to Tapcoins and get paid to play! Play the hottest games like CS:GO , Cyberpunk, GTA V, Rocket League, Destiny 2 and more!

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Stake Tapcoins on the Tap Platform to earn revenue from all transactions!

Deposit Uniswap V2 LP tokens from Tapcoins, Enjin, Mana and Axie Infinity to earn Tapcoin liquidity rewards!

Counterstake on Obyte

Counterstake is a fully decentralized cross-chain bridge that connects Obyte, Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon.

Transfer tokens between networks within minutes to enjoy lower fees and use dapps available on other networks. The protocol is fully decentralized meaning that there are no central parties tha…